Monday, October 14, 2013

Safety Done Pretty Well

(Special thanks to Sarah Riddle for bringing this to my attention.)

Like many in Boston, when I lived in that fair city, I had a love/hate relationship with the public transit system-- the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, or MBTA.  The heat lamps by the Silver Line bus shelters?  A nice touch.  The fact that Green Line doors get stuck and passengers are asked to move to the left side of the train to offset the weight?  Absurd in 2013.  So I was heartened to see this solid effort from the MBTA on transit safety and "distracted riding."  I love it when Boston displays Good Public Health.

Admittedly, the dancing is pretty awful.  The song could be better.  And I'm not certain what exactly the safety bounce entails.  This is no Dumb Ways to Die.  But the video raises the issue of rider safety and invites the public in with a goofy song.  And given Boston's high transit ridership (5th in the country), I liked that the video incorporated 3 languages and at least tried to incorporate faces reflective of Boston's demographics.

If you're taking notes, MBTA.  Here are some other videos to work on: accessibility, noise pollution (cough, Boylston Street station), and sanitation.

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