Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sanitation Done Right: Number Two Edition (Part II)

Matt Damon is going on a toilet strike.  Are you with him?

I'm "on hiatus", but couldn't resist a good toilet video.  Like the Gates Foundation #2 cartoon, Damon is making a link between toilets, sanitation, and health.  What he lacks in substance, he makes up with humor and good genes.  It's far funnier than the usual Celebrity Charity Sell, and even features a cameo from my favorite character actor.  Unfortunately, Dumb Ways To Die set a very high bar for effective, sticky, and fun "Done Right" campaigns.  This doesn't meet it.

The Strike with Me page skimps on information so it's hard for visitors engage meaningfully.  We are encouraged to donate and participate, but the who-what-whys are unclear. (the organization behind the video) is much more informative but harder to get to.  Yet despite the flaws, Damon + toilets + public health is a potent combination.  Almost as potent as Matt Damon + Matthew McConaughey accent.

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