Friday, May 10, 2013

Education Done Right

These kids are killing me.  I know I promised Oregon Pt. 2.  But these kids.

First, they sing about Hot Cheetos and Takis*.  (Favorite lines:  I'm on point like an elbow/
Hands red like Elmo/Ma mama said 'have you had enough,?'/I look and said, "no, ma'am.")  And now this:

My Bike:  (Favorite lines: No games bro/I don't need no drama/'cause I'm trying make change like Obama/bow)  Could they be any more awesome?  Children.  Rapping.  About riding their bikes.  They're exercising, yes, but they're also just children playing and having fun (with really good flow).  But where are your helmets, kids!?

Khaki Pants: (Favorite lines: But they ain't go no flavor/they like some celery/ but swag ain't what you wear/ swag is a mentality; also: I'm snappin' like the back of your hat/this is a track you can call it burrito/ 'cause it's a wrap)

The public health in this one is more undeniable (though I love the celery dis, because celeries are gross).  These kids are rapping about school dress codes.  The video is filled with images of children being joyous in schools-- dancing, reading, rapping.  That's how school should always be.

Also public health?  The grown ups behind this.  Huge, huge props to the YMCA-sponsored Beats and Rhyme program teaching children to write, work together, and enjoy themselves.  I cannot stop smiling.

*At first I was just going to link it, because I wanted you to see the new videos.  But this is too good not to include:

Questionable nutritious value aside, Hot Cheetos are, admittedly, one of my favorite things.  It comes right after the song in the List of My Affections.  And right before this excellent GrantLand analysis of Hot Cheetos and Takis.

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