Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marathon Monday

I don't have words yet.

Stephen Colbert (above) had the perfect words for what transpired on Marathon Monday.  I am not there yet.  I have not been able to stop watching the news long enough to step away and to reflect.  Boston was, and is, my city.  It's the city of my friends and my family and their friends and family.  The Back Bay was my neighborhood.  That was my library, where I still owe $7.10 in late fees.

A lot of other people- more eloquent, more articulate, more heroic- have had words.  Amidst the sea of commentary, I'm especially grateful for 3 writer-reporters who highlight our medical and emergency response infrastructures-- the public health components that allow healthcare workers to focus on the very individual acts of saving lives, one person at a time:

"Why Boston Hospitals Were Ready."  Atul Gawande for The New Yorker.

"Doctors Saved Lives, If Not Legs, In Boston." Gina Kolata, Jere Longman, and Mary Pilon of The New York Times.  

"Emergency Planning Saved Lives in Boston Marathon Bombings."  Kari Nijiiri for New England Public Radio

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