Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Rhetoric Done Right

Working on a longer gun post, in the mean time, we haven't discussed DHem in 3 weeks...

(Just like Oprah)

This is why I love David Hemenway.  He has a memorable illustration for every point.  As the author of Private Guns Public Health, DHem gets called upon by the media after every mass shooting (chatting with Tom Ashbrook this morning).  He is name checked by Nicholas Kristof here, here, here, and more.  It's the second most recent one that I want to talk about (last 4 paragraphs, for those without the attention span to read a column).  Somehow, after all these years of commenting on this same topic, he manages to be clever and novel in presenting a public health perspective.  He likens something as divisive as gun control to something as common (and funny) as dog poop.  In the process, he explains how public health successes come about.  Poop is a funny word.

Declaration of Competing Interest: No, I still don't get royalties from any of DHem's books.  I am beginning to think that I should.

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