Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cass: Our imperfect laws keep you from hitting me

As a frequent active commuter (until very recently I didn't own a car and walked nearly everywhere I went in Philadelphia and Baltimore), I am concerned with transportation safety. On more occasions than I can count I have witness cyclists putting pedestrians and motorists at risk while they occupy a lane of travel but ignore traffic laws. Of course, I will admit to crossing the street against a light, but always in the crosswalk of a very empty intersection. I can't say the same for Mid-Atlantic cyclists. Cyclists who ignore traffic laws put themselves and everyone else around them at risk, as do pedestrians who dart out into the street without looking. The focus should be on educating people about risk and encouraging safe and appropriate behaviors. I do believe that most cycling laws are obtuse and out of date, but until they can be updated breaking the law on your bike just because I occasionally do so on my feet is a poor excuse.  (Return to post)

(Photo credit: Jim Kercher via facebook)

Cassandra Kercher. a non-cyclist (Ed. note: head shake) with an MPH in Environmental & Occupational Health from Drexel University, is a doctoral student in injury prevention & policy at Johns Hopkins.  You should congratulate her on her engagement.

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