Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sanitation Done Right

This story in the New York Times got me so excited that I actually pulled the post I put up earlier today.  This is about public health at its most basic: toilets.  The article features a Harvard School of Public Health winter session project that mapped out available toilets in a Mumbai slum.  I love that it's a project that's so easy to understand and yet so meaningful to the people, NGO workers, and government officials of the area because it impacts their lives and work at such a basic level.  A good public health story is one that hits home to everyone.

(We just met and I'm trying to establish my credibility here, so I don't want to weird you out too much.  Please don't click on the album if this will negatively affect your view of public health or me.  But toilets and public health are just about 2 of my favorite things to talk about.  And I have a photo album of interesting toilets from around the world to show for it.)
O The Toilets I've Been

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